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We've all heard of flash mobs, but have you ever heard of flash weddings? Like the dancing mob variety, flash weddings pop up in public squares, museums and parks. They're often kept secret, and are sometimes a surprise even to the guests. A lot of couples want to get married and have an epic celebration without the focus

FlashWedding The flash!! Bali Wedding Destination is a FLASH wedding organizer in Bali who can arrange your wedding at the very last minute, very instant!!

First off, what is a flash wedding? Well, I’d never heard the term before our feature on NPR, but evidently we host them :) The term seems to mean the same thing as popup weddings, i.e. they happen in a flash! Or, we just pop up somewhere and marry you.

Many couples have changed their minds not to marry their fiancées, but many of them also changed their minds to get married after they arrive in Bali, all without planning before. In the beautiful island of Bali, Bali Satria Wedding can help you to arrange everything for your flash wedding.

So…one day when you’re in Bali and suddenly change your mind to have a beautiful moment in Bali, let us know. Very quick, simple and instant, and at the last minute, Our professional team will give you unfoMake your dream come true and get married in a paradise island with our service.

Our professional staff will assist you to plan and provide the best possible personal assistance. Our company is managed by Indonesian people, who have very professional background experience. We are happy to offer you our professional service to ensure your special day in Bali will be the most special and happy day in the lifetime.

Phone : +6281 916 796 999 / WA whatsapp bali wedding destination Your wedding day will be spectacular

bali wedding destination
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