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Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

married in bali

Married in Bali Wedding Destination

Bali is the chosen venue for sweethearts from all over the world to be legally married. It is possible for most nationalities of the world to be legally married here in the beautiful island of Bali. married in baliPeople all over the world consider Bali to be a true paradise.

anniversary wedding

Anniversary Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

Bring together some of the best and most unique anniversary gift ideas around. Now these are just not general gifts they are specific anniversary ideas that match either the traditional or contemporary symbol for the Wedding Anniversary you are celebrating.

renewal vows

Renewal Vows Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

The process is not much different from a religious wedding and there is no certificate. The couple can have their own words to declare. This style is not a formal one, but it may reflect upon the next life.

religious wedding

Religious Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

It is important to know that Indonesia will marry any couple who hold one of the 5 religions recognized by this country (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist) and actually prefer that the couple are in the same religious belief

moslem wedding

Moslem Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

The couple will receive the marriage certificate from the celebrant called ‘Buku Nikah’ that is issued by the Muslim Courts called ‘KUA’ which is already legalized by the government and this certificate will be legal in Indonesia and also in other countries

buddhist wedding

Buddhist Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

The wedding ceremony which is conducted by Buddhist Celebrant called MONK and the ceremony is only can be performed at the Buddhist temple called Vihara, the Monk will not allowed to come to the hotel/villas or venue to conduct and blessing your wedding

christian wedding

Christian Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

The easiest wedding ceremony and requirements is Protestant ceremony, it doesn’t require much paperwork. The couple will received certificate of Marriage from the Protestant Church in Bali and the couple can continued to have the Civil Ceremony to legalize.

catholic wedding

Catholic Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

Catholic wedding is a religious wedding lead by Catholic Priest called “ROMO” wedding by Catholic way will require much paper works and both partners must be in single status. This wedding ceremony can be performed only in Catholic Church.

balinese wedding

Balinese Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

It’s important to know that this is not a legal wedding ceremony and no certificate will be presented at the end of it. It is a ceremony where the celebrant should pray for good things such as safety, health, a bright future and happiness for the couple.

civil wedding

Civil Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

If you have already been married in your own country or any other place, Our Team can help you to arrange for the legal civil ceremony only. As long as you can show the certificate of marriage from the ministry of religion to us, everything will run very smoothly.

full legal wedding

Full Legal Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

You will experience two types of ceremonies, Religious ceremony and followed by the civil ceremony. The religious part will be conducted by a representative of the couple’s own religious belief (i.e. a Priest for Catholics, a Minister for Protestants, a celebrant

commitment wedding

Commitment Ceremony - Bali Wedding Destination

Performed to declare your vows in front of your guests using your own special words. It is also chosen by couples who are unable to be married because of enjoying an alternative life style but who wish to make a commitment to each other for a life together

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